Are you feeling stressed your child won't stand out in the college admissions process?

Welcome To The Unicorn Masterclass

Because of the scandal and recent changes in admissions, it's understandable you are worried about your child's chances. This year has been the most challenging year for college admissions. That's where College Shortcuts comes in.

College Shortcuts, the #1 Leading College Admissions Firm in the US, led by Neha Gupta, is here by your side to ensure your child's likelihood of getting into the dream school they deserve to get into.

The biggest mistake parents make year after year in this process is focusing primarily on grades and scores. This course is designed to help your child formulate their true unique narrative for admissions and draft the most compelling essays based on College Shortcuts proven strategies available at the click of a button.

Our team consists of current admissions officers, Ivy League graduates, former admissions officers, and we have over 65+ years of combined experience. 

We have been featured in FOX,  ABC, NBC, CBS, Entrepreneur, Success Magazine, Newsweek, US News World and Report as the #1 expert in the field. You need someone you can trust in this process, and that is where College Shortcuts comes in.

95% of students that work with College Shortcuts get into their top 3 choices.

This system has helped students get between $30,000-$300,000 in scholarships and assisted in helping students achieve their dreams for the last 14 years.

Unicorn is an online course that is designed to walk you through each step of the college admissions process to help your child get the results they deserve and stand out in the process. Gupta has combined her entire knowledge base of college admissions into this course to make it easy for your to do this on your own at a fraction of the price of college consulting or school counselors.

What Is Included + Bonuses!

Unicorn is designed to help you navigate the college admissions process with confidence and assurance. The step by step program includes:

  • How To Effectively Build A Balanced College List That Is Customized For Your Student's Needs

  • How To Pick Your Major with seven bonus guest interviews from students who have chosen different majors to learn how they got from point A to point B

  • How To Develop Your Resume To Organize The Extracurriculars In A Way That Makes Your Child Stand Out

  • How To Craft Your Unique Story: Draft The Main Essay + Supplemental Essays To Final Draft Easily

  • How To Visit Colleges With The Best Foot Forward And Stand Out Among The Competition

  • How To Make A Lasting Impression Through College Interviews: Body Language, Attitude, Energy, What To Wear, What Not To Wear, How To Prepare, Questions To Ask To Develop Relationships

  • How To Get The Best Teacher and Counselor Recommendation Letters

  • How To Get Tens of Thousands of Scholarship Money - Merit Based, Financial Aid Based, and Outside Scholarships

  • DOWNLOADS INCLUDED: Our Downloadable Guide and Workbook For The Masterclass. Our Top 100 Words To Use To Stand Out For Your Essay, and NOT use to ensure you are doing the essays correctly. Our Resume Template. Our List Of Questions To Ask On Any Interview Or College Visit To Knock Their Socks Off. Our Book: The College Shortcut. Our 1 Million Dollar Scholarship Guide.

  • BONUS: Private Facebook Group For Support + Live Q&A Calls With Neha + Essay Editing Of Main Common App Essay

Course Curriculum

With our proven system available to you on your phone, laptop, or tablet, 24/7 at your fingertips, you will have the tools you need to help your child succeed in the college admissions process. The best part? There are LIVE Bonus sessions available to you for real-time advice from Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts.

  • 1
    Welcome To College Shortcuts - The DIY Course!
    • Welcome To College Shortcuts - A Message From The Instructor
    • Workbook for Girls - PDF Download
    • Workbook Download Link
    • Workbooks for Boys - PDF Download
  • 2
    Building Your College List + How To Pick Your Major
    • Factors When Applying To College
    • How To Develop A Holistic College List Of Colleges That Are Right For You
    • How To Organize Your Colleges With The Elite Edge Dashboard
    • How To Pick Your Major + Bonus Interview With Top Consultant Ashley
    • How To Pick Your Major - Lesson 1
    • How To Pick Your Major - Interview 2
    • How To Pick Your Major - Interview 3
    • How To Pick Your Major - Interview 4
    • How To Pick Your Major - Interview 5
    • How To Pick Your Major-Interview 6
    • How To Pick Your Major - Interview 7
  • 3
    How To Develop Your Essays + Resume
    • How To Write The Best Resume For Your Extracurricular Activities
    • The College Admissions Essay - Our Brainstorming and Outlining Shortcut
    • How To Stand Out In The College Admissions Essay Process - Our Essay Shortcut
  • 4
    How To Interview + Teacher Recommendations + College Visits + Scholarships
    • How To Nail Teacher Recommendation Letters, College Visits, and Scholarship Information
    • How To Interview: The Right and Wrong Body Language
    • How To Interview: What To Wear And Not Wear For Your Interview
    • How To Interview: Your Attitude And Energy
    • How To Interview: Preparation Is Key
    • How To Interview: The Power Of The Handwritten Note
    • The Secret Shortcut To Making Your Application Truly Stand Out - The College Shortcut Secret
    • How To Handle Acceptances And Rejections - And Why Colleges Are LUCKY To Have You
  • 5
    How To Get Scholarships + Hear From Current College Students + Conclusion
    • Scholarship Introduction
    • Lesson 1 Scholarships
    • Lesson 2 Scholarships
    • Hear From Current College Students: USC Interview
    • Hear From Current College Students: Loyola Marymount Interview
    • Hear From Current College Students: University of Miami Interview
    • Hear from Current College Students: Georgetown Interview
    • Hear from Current College Students: Stanford Interview
    • Hear from Current College Students: MIT Interview
    • Hear from Current College Students: Harvard Interview
    • Hear from Current College Students: Rice Interview
    • Congrats On Finishing The Course! If you want to work with us one-on-one feel free to reach out at
    • Conclusion

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Wow Neha, this is a lot of value. I loved watching the personal one-on-one interviews you did with students for us to learn more about the colleges more in-depth. I know I wouldn’t have gotten that from online websites or blogs - and that to me was priceless.


Honestly, most of the admissions counselors and our guidance counselor are older and less exciting. My teen really loved your videos and felt that they could do all of their work in half the time. My teen was procrastinating ALL summer, and now has all their essays done.


Not going to college here but being super hard-working, I binge watch UNICORN in literally a weekend. I felt like I had the shortcut to helping my child and it was amazing. I went step by step and it is clear that you took everything you knew and gave it to us. The course should have been $5,000. You are so giving!

Your Instructor For This World Class Unicorn Course

The creator of the "Netflix" for College Admissions Will Lead You Every Step Of The Way

  • Neha Gupta

    Founder of College Shortcuts

    Neha Gupta

    Three-Time Best Selling Author. TEDx Speaker. Founder of College Shortcuts. Rice University graduate. Gupta’s goal is to make parents’ lives easier everyday. Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and over 100 publications. Endorsed by Dr. Shefali, expert featured on OPRAH, and Tony Robbins for GYLS, speaker at LEAP foundation, Gupta has impacted thousands of teens over the last 14 years.

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  • Will I get access to the course indefinitely?

    Yes! Because many families who signed up have students with earlier grades, we are making sure you have access to watch it as needed.

  • When does the course start?

    It starts when you sign up and we sprinkle in our live calls. It is completely designed for your family to do it at their own pace for a reason.

  • What if I am unhappy with the course?

    I never want families to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, all you have to do is submit the workbook filled out of the course to us within 30 days, and we will review it for a refund as we want to know that you have done the work first, and if we feel it is filled out well, we will process a refund. We believe our students must first put the effort, and if they put 100% effort and it doesn't work after doing the work, and we review it.

  • Who is this for?

    This is for parents with high school students who are high achieving and are looking to apply to a top 50 university to get the competitive edge they need to stand out like a UNICORN. This is also for teens to do as well. This is a course for families who like to take action, are resourceful, and decide they want the best for their family.

  • Why wouldn’t I just hire a consultant?

    You totally can. Let me tell you why this is more cost effective. If you work with a consultant - they typically charge A LOT more money than the value within this course. Also you wouldn’t have access to the secrets that REAL live students share from top schools like Harvard, Stanford, Rice, etc. that we interviewed to talk about their admissions process.

  • My child isn’t a senior, should I join?

    Absolutely - your child is applying to college within the next 3 years, and if you want to be ahead, BE AHEAD of the curve.

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